For many small business owners, an interest or hobby is at the center of why their business came to fruition in the first place. The internet has made it incredibly easy for budding entrepreneurs to set up shop quickly and sell their products or services through an e-commerce website, eliminating a lot of the initial startup costs that come with opening a physical location.

With the barrier to entry becoming increasingly low, time and time again we can see businesses opening quickly and then disappearing just as fast.

Clearly there are many factors which could affect this but the bottom line is, if your business isn’t profitable, it wont stay open for very long. Making sales is an absolute must if your company is to have any kind of longevity within the extremely competitive market and an area that most owners can improve upon is how to close on sales.

This is a practice that can take years to master with a multitude of various methods and techniques to be studied and taken into consideration. However there are some key basics that even those established in business often overlook which this article will detail.

Here are 3 key things you should employ when making your next sale.


It’s a well known fact that most human beings love to talk about themselves. The dopamine drip from acceptance and validation is a natural human response however when attempting to make sales you can use it to your advantage.

Making the customer feel validated, respected and engaged are all things that evoke positive emotions, breaking down any potential barriers and allowing you to get them into state of mind where selling becomes easy.

Nobody wants to waste their hard earned cash, so will put up a wall in order to safeguard themselves from the potential of wasting money. Your goal should be to break down this wall by focussing the sales experience onto them, acknowledging their wants and needs and then closing the deal when the time is right . As mentioned before, validation is an incredibly powerful tool in convincing people to do things, so be vigilant and remember to keep the conversation focussed on them–you will be rewarded for it.


There is nothing worse than someone who is unprepared and, especially within business, is a  trait that won’t last very long.

If you are attempting to make a sale, you must know who you are selling to.

This goes back to the previous point on personalisation. If you don’t know who you are selling to, whether that be to target demographics or even to large firms, then you are bound to fall short. It’s imperative that you research your customer in order to understand their needs and tailor your products or service to fit those needs.

The market can change at the drop of a hat and so keeping on top of your game when it comes to research will be one of the best things you can do for your sales career. Don’t be caught out, know what you’re talking about, understand the needs of the customer and continually refresh yourself to stay up to date with anything that could potentially impact your sales.

The Emotional Crescendo

If you have ever listened to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, you will have experienced the wave of emotion that is brought about by the steady build up and release of instrumental tension. This wave is prevalent in many parts of the human experience and the same concept can be applied to sales.

Paying close attention to the customers emotions is pivotal if you are going to close and close well. If you have taken the other points into account, you will have listened to your customer, personalised the sales experience by focussing the conversation to them and built a level of trust by demonstrating your knowledge from previous research–influencing the direction of the conversation and getting to this point. You’re not ready to make the deal and finish your sales symphony on a high note.


There are many small nuances when it comes to making sales and the 3 points outlined within this article are only the tip of the iceberg. As I mentioned before, understanding sales can be a difficult and time consuming process and unless you are willing to invest the effort into improving your skills, you may fall short of your competition. Understanding your customer through proper research is a must and coupled with a personalised approach to selling, you will be closing deals in absolutely no time.

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