The Importance of Calculated Branding

Brand recognition is difficult to perfect. Large corporations have spent millions on branding and rebranding their products in order to keep their position within the public’s consciousness. Having the right branding to convey a specific lifestyle choice, or resonate with a set of ideas is at the core of any good branding design and the simple use of colours and imagery can convert potential customers into long lasting disciples of your brand and the products you offer.

Apple, for example has used branding techniques intelligently and through a myriad of different controversies surrounding the company, still have loyal customers who have integrated the brand and their products into many facets of their lives.

Competition breeds innovation and to be at the forefront of your target market, you must have a solid brand or you’ll miss out on opportunities, sales and longevity.

Here are 5 branding tips you should consider applying to your company.


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Branding is all about consistency. Without a consistency across all of your company branding, the message you’re attempting to convey is lost and potential customers along with it.
Human beings are creatures of habit. For the majority of us, change isn’t welcomed and when companies deviate from what we know and love, we have a problem with it.
Consistency creates a level of trust. We know the company, we know their products and are safe with our decision to buy those products.

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of branding and applies to more than just your logo. Things to consider when branding your company should include:

Colour Scheme

Having a recognizable and solidified colour scheme will help with brand recognition and keep customers returning to what they know and love.

Red and yellow: McDonalds.
Red and White: Coca Cola
Green and White: Starbucks
Green and Yellow: Subway

A good place to start would be researching colour psychology to create long lasting branding that conveys exactly the message your company represents.


Typography is such a huge part of design these days and for good reason. Different fonts can convey different messages. Traditional style fonts convey seriousness, calligraphy style fonts convey class and sophistication and decorative fonts may convey openness and creativity.

Using a graffiti style font to advertise a jewelry store is probably a bad idea and therefore understanding your target market and adapting your branding to appeal to this demographic is imperative.


Imagery can make or break your branding and it’s no wonder companies spend millions on creating the perfect logo to represent themselves. Creating brand logos can be a difficult and time consuming process as what appeals to group A wont appeal to group B. The goal is to appeal to as many people as possible and not deviate too far from this.
Take the Pepsi logo, for example. There have been many iterations of the logo, but the key design has stayed the same for years. Invest the time and money into carefully deciding upon a good company logo as it will be one of the best things you can do for future brand recognition


Appealing to a specific lifestyle has been the cornerstone of many brands for generations. Everyone likes to class themselves as an individual and whether we want to accept it or not, there are thousands of other people just like us who share our affinity for certain lifestyle choices.
The punk movement of the 70s seen a culture revolution of people going their own way, carving their own path and not following the norms of society. What happened as a result of this? Brands started catering to this lifestyle choice and soon there were companies offering clothing to match the lifestyle that these people chose to follow.

Even today, Vans is a huge multi-million dollar company that was built on the back of the punk and skate movement. The branding and products that are offered may appeal to a more alternative audience, but at the core of the company it is the same as any other clothing retailer.

What can we learn from this? Appeal to a certain demographic, buy into the lifestyle they want to lead and in turn they will buy into your brand.




Similar to buying into a specific lifestyle, the tone of your company branding is also important for cultivating a loyal consumer base. The tone of your branding is often overlooked, but is an effective tool to influence certain outcomes.
When I think of the tone of certain brands, the most obviously examples that comes to mind are debt consolidation agencies, loan companies, and sale advertisements.

Being in debt can be a scary place and therefore, debt consolidation agencies use a very gentle and warm tone to reassure the customer than everything will be alright and your problems will be solved if you choose to buy into our service.

Payday loan companies have a fast paced, fun and wacky tone which is quite the opposite of the product they’re offering. Lulling the customer into a false sense of security that taking out a loan and being in debt is nothing to worry about.

Advertisements for sales often have a fast paced, happy and feverous tone conveying that unless you come and purchase these products right now, you’re going to miss out on the deals.

Consider your tone when branding your company. This is not only in advertisement campaigns but in every aspect of the branding. Convey the message you want to convey with the correct tone for maximum engagement.

Company branding is a time and money consuming process to get right and is the reason a lot of companies fail to hit the mark. If you invest in your branding early, you will be rewarded in the future with loyal customers that know your brand, understand your mission and integrate your service into their life. Through a combination of colour selection, use of the correct typefaces and accurate imagery you can establish a recognizable and trusted brand that will help lead to conversion and contribute to solidifying your place within any industry.

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