Modern technological advancements are paving the way for making human lives as stress free as possible.

More and more we are the seeing the fears of the past coming into fruition: robots taking human jobs.

Bill Gates has called for robots to be taxed the same way humans are in order to combat this trend but until legislation is put into place, it seems this is the way the industry is going.

For those in a more creative field, the worry was that robots can’t  reproduce the feeling and emotion of a human being and therefore our jobs are safe—but that too could be contested very soon as Artificial intelligence is becoming less of a sci-if dream and more of a reality

So how will Artificial Intelligence impact marketing?

Here are 3 ways in which AI will influence our industry:

Intelligent search results

With personal data being ever more scrupulously collected and employed for maximum return, it’s easy to see that this practice is working and working well. The most important piece of the marketing puzzle is the consumer, as without them, you have no one to market to.

As more data is collected, AI can more accurately serve ads and other information to consumers to effectively garner more sales.

Marketers should use this to their advantage in achieving the goals that are set for the marketing plan.

Additionally, AI has the ability to continually read what is working and what isn’t, self regulating and adjusting constantly—something a human being wouldn’t be able to do as accurately.

Intelligent Ads

As machine learning becomes more advanced, we are seeing computers being able to produce art based upon a loose set of parameters.

Using this technology it’s possible that very soon, we will see artificially produced ads that are specifically designed to fit a target audience.

Combining this with the previously discussed search results, AI would be able to produce ads specifically for certain user groups.

For example, if a users favourite colour is green, an ad would be produced with a green colour scheme.

The parameters that could be applied are infinite and it’s very possible that we will start seeing this technology being applied.

One of us! One of us!

Although search engine result data is plentiful, it is also fairly limited in its accuracy for determining specific opinions. Users may search for Donald Trump, that doesn’t necessarily give any data about what they think of him.

One way that AI would be able to solve this is by researching information of users opinions on sites like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. With a broad spectrum of opinion based data, AI will be able to essentially form its own “personalities” that can then be used in multiple ways when it comes to marketing to various groups.

Robots forming their own personality? A very frightening thought, but extremely useful when it comes to mining massive amounts of data and making that information available to marketers in a concise and manageable way.


Artificial intelligence is coming and it’s coming soon. Advancements in machine learning are moving forward at a staggering pace and where manual labour based jobs were the main concern for robots replacement, creative jobs are potentially on the firing line as well.

At the end of the day, these things should be used as a tool to help civilisation rather than hinder it and we can still implement these tools into making ourselves more efficient at our work.

We are most definitely a long way off complete takeover by machines but with the way things are going, it seems that it will be an inevitability. For the time being, use the tools that are becoming available and pray that in the event of a hostile takeover by sentient machines, the designers remembered to include an off switch  

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