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Owning a business is like attempting to solve 3 rubik’s cubes at once while juggling. There are so many tasks to keep on top of that it can get overwhelming and mistakes can be made.

However with planning and organisation, you can stay on top of the workload and manage your business efficiently. There are many digital tools that you can use in order to achieve this and today I will outline 5 tools that could benefit your business, handle organisation and increase potential sales and exposure.


Google Analytics

Google analytics is a service that tracks and reports data from your website. Using Google Analytics you can see a range of data including where your traffic is coming from, the type of things people are searching for on your site, identify underperforming pages and view page speed insights. Using this data is incredibly advantageous as you can actively adapt and change your marketing plan and website format in order to maximise your return on investment.


Google Analytics



For online recognition, posting to social media is a must. Consistent and quality content are required in order to gain a following for your brand and help drive sales. Posting individually to each of these platforms can be a time consuming and disorganized process however using hootsuite all of your accounts are in one place and you can schedule your content to go out automatically, allowing you to get on with other tasks.





Although it has been around for years, email marketing is still an effective route to go down in 2018 to gain new customers and convert potential sales. Having users sign up for your mailing list is yet another avenue in which you can contact them about deals and services that you offer and build rapport that your company can do something for them. MailChimp is the go-to in terms of email marketing organisation. You can create campaigns for specific events, have organised mailing lists and build creative emails that will grab the reader’s attention and aid in conversion leading to more customers and more revenue for your business.





If your company has a website built on WordPress, you need to be consider SEO. SEO helps to make your website rank on search engines and lead to an increase in exposure to potential customers. The world of SEO can be daunting, but tools likes Yoast can make it much easier.

Yoast gives you insights into improving the SEO score of your pages, using a traffic light system to see what areas you do well as well as where you can improve. Yoast identifies keywords within your pages and gives you tips to make your site rank higher as well as scores the readability of the content on your site. Using Yoast is definitely a must if you want to maximise the impact of your site, and gain more customers from a higher Search engine ranking.




LeadsLive CRM

We couldn’t make a list of the best business tools without including ourselves. LeadsLive CRM is essential if your business handles leads or has a large customer base that needs to be organised. You can sort all of your leads by multiple different categories and effectively visualise the stage of your lead by making use of the pipeline system. If required, you can send emails, text messages and also call your leads from within the platform, centralising your communication service and keeping on top of any changes and updates to the leads status.

Additionally using LeadsLive will assist in becoming compliant with the new GDPR laws that are coming into place come May of 2018.


Click here to see how LeadsLive can help your business become more organised and efficient.





There are many tools out there for helping to manage your business and these are 5 that our company use on a daily basis. Making use of these tools can free your time up in other areas and consolidate your workflow into an organised and manageable system that will help you stay on track, meet deadlines and push your business above the competition.

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