As of right now, it’s hard to argue that there is a bigger artist than Drake. His 2011 Album “Take Care” shot him into the mainstream consciousness and his success has been exponential. Using a range of marketing techniques, Drake has garnered himself a loyal and broad fanbase, appealing to old and young generations, rap fans and R&B fans and makes music that not only gets radio plays but resonates with the underground community as well. The marketing force behind Drake understands the power that the collective online community can have and use this to their advantage in spreading Drakes image far and wide with very minimal effort.

Here are 4 aspects of Drake’s marketing strategy that you should be applying to your business.


When it comes to branding, being seen as fake can easily destroy consumer confidence. Consumers tend to align themselves with products that fit their own core values and beliefs and if your company is seen to be inauthentic, then opinions can change very quickly.

Since Drake started releasing music in 2006 onwards, it is clear to say that he has grown, but the core essence of himself has remains. Many industry critics have shared their disliking of Drakes style, blending Rap with R&B and love songs, but this hasn’t slowed him down. He continues to release the music that his core audience enjoy and it is this attitude that can teach us all a valuable lesson in business. Be authentic with the product or content that you make. There will be those who don’t like it, but those who do will stick by you for years.

Consistent, Quality Content:

In addition to being authentic, the quality of your product or service has to consistent. It is with consistency that brand trust is built and will keep customers coming back. Market trends often sway brands to follow the crowd and cash in on the profits from an increased consumer base, but know that the majority of the time, these trends are generally short lived and will be gone as quickly as they came. Spending valuable resources into branding and marketing to follow these trends is an extremely bad idea as your company will then appear outdated in a very short period of time. In music scene, a wave of so called “mumble rap” swept the rap game and brought many artists following this trend a level of success. But once again, as quickly as it came, the trend is already starting to die and those who chose to hop on the bandwagon will quickly be forgotten.

Resonate With Your Audience

The key to creating a good marketing strategy is to engage your target audience. It’s this engagement that leads to trust and a positive reputation for your business. In the content that Drake produces this is extremely evident. He knows his target audience well and strives to make content that they will enjoy. Although music is entirely subjective, the core aspects of his marketing strategy can be applied to pretty much any business. Once you have found your target market, it’s essential to infiltrate where they spend a lot of their time. E.g. Specific social media platforms, or groups. Integrate into these places, and share information and content that will benefit this target audience.


Having a viral piece of content is every marketer’s dream. If your content goes viral, the return on investment is poised to be huge. Although it’s generally bad practice to pursue virality, it should always be in the back of your mind with regards to your marketing strategy. But with Drake, it seems that becoming viral is second nature.

I previously touched on not falling prey to fleeting trends, but when you are one of the biggest influencers in the world, creating trends is more of a concern than following them–”what can I do to have the biggest impact?”

In the music video for his most recent song “God’s Plan”, Drake is seen entering a grocery store and hailing over a megaphone that he will be paying for everyone’s shopping and in a series of heartwarming clips, he is seen giving money and cars to community members and those less fortunate.

As human beings, for whatever reason, we are hardwired to be drawn to things like this. Content that makes us feel good inside that we will then share with our family and friends so that they can join in on the fun. This is the essence of viral content. Don’t try to force it, make good quality content that resonates well with your target consumer base and take calculated risks.


Whether you enjoy Drake’s music or not, you cannot argue that from a marketing standpoint he is doing something correctly and raking in over 11 Million views in less than two days, on his most recent video proves this. We can see that the combination of multiple aspects of a well calculated marketing strategy are what keep Drake at the top of the charts and inevitably comes down to knowing your audience, making great quality content, and being authentic with your target audience.

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